SCENE:  Suburban Home Depot.  Orange abounds.

Me to Home Depot Employee:   Excuse me, what aisle is the Loctite in?
HDE:   What’s Loctite?
Me (thinking):   <That’s like a Michael’s Craft Store employee not knowing what Elmer’s Glue is.>
Me (aloud):   It’s like an adhesive for screws.
HDE:   Adhesives? I’m not sure. There’s Bill, let’s ask him. Hey, Bill!
Bill:   Hmmm?
HDE:   What aisle are the adhesives in?
Bill:   Aisle 48.
Me:   That’s where the Loctite is?
Bill:   No, if you want Loctite, don’t ask about adhesives. The Loctite is at the end of aisle 7.

I miss old-tyme hardware stores.