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Kevin Delin's Writings on Science, Art, and Society


Dr. Kevin Delin’s career has blended science and writing since its earliest stages. He has 4 degrees from MIT, including a PhD in physics. While at MIT, he took writing courses from author Frank Conroy, poet Stephen Tapscott, and playwright A.R. Gurney, the latter becoming a life-long mentor, and also wrote an internationally-used textbook on superconductivity, Foundations of Applied Superconductivity. After a post-graduate stretch in Silicon Valley, he worked at NASA where he invented and patented a technology, the Sensor Web, which was originally envisioned to search of extraterrestrial life. This technology has been featured in widely circulated publications such as PC Magazine, Technology Review, the L.A. Times, and Wired.  Kevin is also a member of the Antaeus Theatre Company Playwrights Lab.  His numerous pieces on art and society have bylines in the national publications American Theatre and Script Magazine, as well as the Los Angeles publications LA Weekly, Footlights, and Stage Raw.  His adventures include deploying his technology with firefighters in first response operations, inventing the future with venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, and solving national security issues with generals inside the Pentagon.  He’s the recipient of the prestigious NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal and, drawing from his extensive tech background, professionally advises storytellers who want to ground their work in science.  He tweets about arts, science, and technology on Twitter @kdelin and his stage plays can be found on the New Play Exchange.

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